injury to our moving staff. This way in the unlikely event that one of our staff are injured on the job,  Economical steps in place of your homeowners insurance. Although few people know it, this is probably the most important insurance that your Toronto moving company can have, and under Ontario law, must have.
Our moving company offers two types of insurances on our moves and when storing with us. A Standard Cargo Fleet insurance which is included in any moving in Toronto or for any moves in Canada, and an Increased Valuation Insurance for very expensive/ precious items, antiques, or family heirlooms. The Increased Valuation Coverage can be purchased in increments of $10,000.00 up to $60,000.00.

As a Toronto moving company, Agility Moving  Company is required to offer a basic insurance to cover against any damages that may occur on moving day. As such, we are fully insured through Economical Group Insurance Company with cargo, business, and transportation insurances. We also use them to insure our employee's, and are always in good standing, for insurance against accidental


 that they have the knowledge necessary to successfully pack and move household and offices goods. We then send our employees as a free crew member on local moves for one full week so that they can get real world experience. Once training is completed, we can send our Agility movers on our customers projects knowing that they will not only perform to our expectations, but more importantly to yours. We have the most extensive training program of all the Toronto moving companies, for our employees, which ensures that only skilled workers are sent to your job. Under no circumstances do we use temporary or day labour on any job, all of our employees are on our payroll. In addition to training our newly hired employee's for three weeks, we conduct monthly safety and refresher coursesto ensure that our crew members are working safe, and that none of them lose their touch at the art of moving.

Upon applying for a position as a driver or as a helper with Agility Moving Company, we carefully examine the potential employees resume and interview results to determine whether the individual is the right fit for our Toronto moving company. We perform extensive background checks, we scrutinize their driving record including their abstract and C.V.O.R, and we contact and meet with previous employers to understand who our potential new employee is. Once they have passed this section of elimination, we extensively train all workers for three full weeks in various moving techniques, wrapping and protection methods, packing techniques, hoisting, assembly/ dis-assembly and customer satisfaction methods, to ensure

fair and equal employment, is what is responsible for our great reputation as a leading Toronto moving company , within the industry. We are confident that if you use our services you will not only be fully satisfied with the level and quality of our work, but will also be a top contender as your go to Toronto moving company. As a full service company, the protection of your personal belongings and your property are our top priority. Using custom made as well as industry standard equipment and with our unique training methods, we have been able to keep damages very low, our track record speaks for its self.

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Agility  Moving Company is a Toronto moving company with storage facilities in Toronto, dedicated to providing world-class services within all aspects of the trade. Founded by a team of professionals from the top moving companies within Canada's moving industry, Agility moving company's executive team brings a reputation for excellence in customer service and employee management. Using superior management techniques, unique and extensive training methods, providing outstanding customer service, and practicing

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