process; packing of content; Toronto moving companies; Toronto storage companies and storage facilities; the importance of insurance; moving equipment; safety procedures specific to moving; safe operations of tools and equipment; and how to choose a moving company, just to name a few. As a moving company who has been in operation in Toronto for many years, we have a great deal of experience in almost every aspect of the moving industry and specifically moving within the city, the GTA, and moving province wide. We have put to paper, many of our ideas, procedures, some helpful hints, and things to watch out for that we have observed over the years. Simply choose from the list of topics below, and you will be directed to the appropriate article. We plan to add moving articles on a regular basis, so check in on us once in a while to see what is new, like us on Facebook, or bookmark this page. We hope that you find these articles engaging, informative and hopefully they answer a few of your questions. If you would like to see us take on a specific topic related to moving or storage, or have any questions about the industry, please feel free to send us an email or call one of our moving specialists today at 416-654-5029. Thank you and enjoy.

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6 Things To Do When Selecting Your Movers

We welcome you to Agility Moving Company’s Articles and How To’s page. The goal of this page is to educate potential and current customers, and visitors to our website so that they can make an informed decision on choosing a legitimate moving company, learn how to complete certain tasks such as packing a box correctly, organize and more. On this page you will find a number of articles related to the moving and storage industry including articles on the general moving