How Does Your Moving Company Protect My Flooring?
We use many pieces of equipment called floor runners, which are a rubberized carpet-like moving product about 14 feet long each. We protect all flooring, including but not limited to hardwood, tile, laminate, cork, stone, marble, and especially carpet to ensure that there are no stains, scratches or damages.

What Is The Benefit In Hiring A 3 Man Crew?
There are several advantages in hiring 3 men. If you plan to move more than 12 individual pieces of furniture, have a large amount of boxes, or when a long walk, elevator or tricky access point is involved; having a 3 man crew onsite allows for a constant flow of movement, and for a faster move as there is no stopping in wrapping, moving, and packing items into the truck. If you anticipate your move may take longer than the minimum amount of hours with 2 men, it would be a financial gain to hire 3 men. When either stairs or an elevator is our point of access, hiring 3 men is always beneficial as it speeds up the moving process. We typically find that if there are more than 500 square feet of furniture and content items which are planned to be moved, or if there is a long walk or tricky point of access in addition to the low square footage, it is better to hire 3 men.

How Often Are Your Moving Trucks Cleaned?
Our moving trucks are swept out and mopped (if needed or biweekly) after each move ensuring that when we arrive on your move, the box of our moving truck is clean. Additionally we have all our equipment, including all moving blankets washed twice a month. The truck box is also heat treated on a monthly basis, to make sure that there is no possibility of transferring any type of infestation.

Should We Pack Away Or Keep Our Items In Our Dressers And Night Tables?
For the safety of your furniture, and our movers, we would ask that all content and items be secured and packed away in boxes. This will ensure that there are no damages on move day and that no items are while in motion.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. We are fully licensed with the various ministry offices which apply to professional moving services. We are fully covered under all mandatory and required insurances, as required under Canadian law. These insurances include, but are not limited to WSIB (workplace safety and insurance board), Transport insurance (including liability), cargo insurance, and business insurance. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Moving Company With An Hourly Rate Versus A Flat Rate?
The main benefit in a moving company which operates on an hourly basis is that you only pay for the time that it takes to move you. When it comes to moving, it is very hard to estimate an exact amount of hours a particular move may take as there are several factors which can affect the time of a move such as weather, traffic, access, actual amount of items to be moved, and most importantly how prepared the customers are. Essentially when a company gives a flat rate, they have to overestimate the job to include these hypothetical factors, so that if something were to happen they still turn a profit. This is why it is better to pay by the hour, and only for the time you use, rather than paying a flat rate for the time that might be used.

What Does Your Moving Company Included In The Hourly Rate?
The hourly rate includes 150 moving blankets, 36 picture pads, 5 wardrobe boxes, 2 two wheeled dollies, 6 four wheeled dollies, 3 rolls of tape, 1 roll of shrink wrap, 1 mattress bag per size of mattress, tools, a 26 foot boxed moving truck, runners, a ramp, skilled movers, and most importantly insurance.

How Do I Pack A Box?
This is a very common question, and the answer is not as simple as you would think.  When you are packing fragile items (such as china, Knick-Knacks, or electronics), heavy items (such as books and statuary), kitchen pots, or clothes, we recommend using a 2 cubic foot box or one smaller. When packing larger, lighter items, (such as cushions, blankets, stuffed animals or pillows) we recommend using a 4 cubic foot box, or one similar.
The most important factors to consider when packing are to use a high quality moving box, use a high quality packing tape, and use an overabundance of packing paper. We have included several pictures in our photo gallery on how to pack boxes, and have articles dedicated to the topic.

Does Your Moving Company Offer Packing Supplies For Sale?
Yes we do. We offer a wide variety of supplies available for pick up or delivery, if you require an item which we do not generally carry we can arrange to obtain it for you from our supplier.
Please contact a moving consultant using our online quote page, or by calling us at 416-654-5029 to obtain pricing.

Does Your Moving Company Offer Packing Services?
Yes we do, the most important part of moving is packing. If boxes are not packed properly or too heavy, damage or breakage will almost always result. We take extra care in packing your possessions, and ensure that we use an adequate amount of packing paper to act as a buffer and protect your items.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Company Cheque, Cash, and Emt.

Do You Provide International Moving?
Unfortunately our moving company does not provide international moving services.

Does Your Moving Company Offer Long Term Or Short Term Storage Options?
Yes, we do offer both long and short term climate controlled, security patrolled storage through our sister company. For more information on storage please visit our storage page or call a moving consultant at 416-654-5029.

Do You Protect My Mattress During Transport?
Yes, we use a product called mattress bags. These are exactly what they sound like giant bags that slip over your mattress to ensure that they do not get wet or dirty over the course of your move.

Do Your Movers Dismantle And Reassemble Our Furniture?
Yes, we are considered a full service moving company. If required to do so or asked to do so, our movers will dismantle and reassemble any item of furniture. We have a full complement of tools on every truck to make this process as fast as possible.

Are The Employees At Your Moving Company Experienced?

We are one of the only Toronto based moving companies who do not use temporary or day workers. We are also one of the few companies who put all of our new employees through a rigorous 3 week training course in which they learn the fundamentals of wrapping and protecting items, packing methods, safety skills, and safe moving practices. Additionally all of our employees attend a once a month refresher program to assure they are able to provide the highest level of service.

Does Your Moving Company Have Any Hidden Fee’s?
We are proud to say that we have absolutely NO hidden fees at Agility Moving Company, period. Because we believe in providing the best level of service in the industry, and we will never have any hidden fees because of this. At Agility Moving Company we believe in, and practice, up front billing. All fees are discussed in advance and prior to booking, and then confirmed in your confirmation email.

How Do You Protect My Belongings While You Move My Items?

We are a full service moving company here at Agility Moving Company, and have a 3 tier protection system in place.
First, we wrap all furniture in a product called shrink wrap. This is an item which is similar to saran wrap, however it is heavy duty and industrial grade. The shrink wrap serves 2 purposes, it assures the safety of both the item and our movers by ensuring that all doors or drawers stay closed when the item is in motion. It also serves as minor protection from rubs or contact with other items. Second, we wrap all furniture (including mirrors, pictures and their frames, statuary, glass, televisions, lamps, pottery, marble, etc...) in moving blankets. These are similar to a queen sized blanket that would be used on a bed, however they are specifically designed for moving and are very thick to add an extra layer of protection against damage.Third, we make certain that all of our employees are fully trained and qualified. We never hire temporary workers or day labourers, and all our employees undergo a rigorous 3 week training course. In this training course they learn how to wrap and protect items; packing methods; safety skills; and safe moving methods. Additionally, all of our employees attend a once a month refresher program to ensure they are able to provide the highest level of service.

frequently asked moving questions


Do you offer short term storage?
Agility Moving and Storage Company offers short term storage from 1-2 nights on our trucks, and from 3 days to one year through our sister storage facilities, Agility Storage Company. We offer a variety of locker sizes from 5 x 5 (25 sqft) units to 25 x 25 (625 sqft) units. All of the units at our storage company are climate controlled, security patrolled and monitored 24/7. 

Do you offer long term storage?
We offer long term storage from 1 year, onward through our sister storage facilities. We are a full service storage facility as we provide inventory lists of items stored, full wrapping and protection of items, and we will do all the labour from packing to moving. Our warehouse is fully climate controlled and is fumigated often to ensure no infestations of any kind.

How do you protect items bound for storage?   
We wrap all content, excluding boxes, in shrink wrap and in customized furniture blankets which are designed to take up less space than traditional moving blankets. These blankets are provided free of charge for use while your items are here at our storage facilities.

How do you keep track of items in storage?
When storing short and long term, each individual locker is labeled with a number and barcode, those numbers then correspond to our customer’s data in our computer system. We then list the locker on our master list and map, so we know where your items are at all times. Every piece in the locker is tagged and listed, and a copy is given to the customer so they can also keep track of delivery.

How do you store my items?
Being a full service moving company, we start by taking apart all items which require it, and items that are awkward and take up a lot of space. We than wrap all items which come into our storage facilities. This serves two purposes, it protects your items and allows us to pack your locker in properly and efficiently. All items stored are tag and listed so there is no possibility of loss.

Is your warehouse insured?
Our warehouse is 100% insured with all required and necessary insurances. In addition, we also offer for purchase and increased level of insurance which covers your items with a larger payout should anything happen.

Do I have access to my items while they are in storage?
We are a no access storage facility so that we can provide a higher level of security to our customers. If access is needed to particular items, it is recommended that they are clearly marked, and then an asterisk should be placed next to the item on the list sheet. This way we can leave the item close to the front of the locker for easy access by one of our storage facility representatives when needed.

Are your facilities climate controlled?
Our facility is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. Every unit in our facility maintains a constant temperature and humidity level. 

Do you offer cold storage?
We do not offer cold storage at this time. 

Do you have on-site security staff?
We do have on site, night shift, security officers who constantly patrol the facility.

Is there surveillance equipment in and around your facility?
We have a network of several surveillance cameras which are all routed to a master control station; in addition we also have breech sensors on all of our interior and exterior doors and windows which inform the control center in someone attempts to gain access through them.

Do you have an on-site supply store?
Our onsite supply store has everything that you may need to move or store your items. 

 What is the smallest sized unit you offer?
 The smallest locker and crate size that we currently offer is the 5 x 5 unit (25 sqft).

What is the largest sized unit you offer?
The largest locker which we currently provide is the 25 x 25 unit (625 sqft).