The following are examples of our three tier protection system used for furniture that Agility Moving Company has perfected. We use custom made and industry standard pieces of equipment such as shrink wrap, moving blankets and furniture pads to make certain that there are no avoidable damages on our customer’s moving projects.


As a full service Toronto moving company, we take the protection of your floors and walkways very seriously. We roll out the red carpet for our customers and eliminate scratches, dents and gouges to your hardwood and quark. In addition to keeping your floors scratch and gouge free, our floor runners keep your carpets clean and free of dirt eliminating the need to hire carpet cleaners after your move. The following pictures are examples of how we protect every customer’s home, on every job, every time.

Photo Gallery

floor protection


Welcome to Agility Moving Company’s photo gallery page. While you browse these examples of our professional work, please keep in mind that the vast majority of these photos were taken on the job and are true examples of how we protect our customer’s home’s with custom made buffering equipment, and protect their furniture and other items with our moving blankets and shrink wrap. We have many examples of what a true full service moving company is, and how we use our perfected 3 tier protection system to ensure zero damage to furniture; surrounding structures such as hardwood flooring and carpet; stairs; doors and door jambs, how we pack boxes and make them safe for transportation, and our tried and true 3 tier moving process. We thank you for taking the time to browse our moving company photo gallery. We hope that these examples will help you in your choice in finding a reputable and professional moving company that fits your needs.

furniture protection


Packing delicate content properly is essential for its protection. Agility Moving Company has perfected the packing process and train all of our moving staff until they too have perfected their skills. The pictures below are examples of how we pack content into boxes during a Packing job. Once full, each box is marked and labeled for easy and quick unpacking.